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Rotalock Valve.....


Rotalock Valve.....

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• Used for controlling level of liquid and oil. 
• Sight glasses provided in standard products may be changed with any model of sight glasses that you wish. 
• Floating body is not suitable for R717.




This Oil Level Sensor is designed as a oil/liquid level switch to be used in compressors, receivers and vessels. The sensor output is a relay switch contact. 
This optoelectronic Oil Level Sensor, id based on infrared LED and a light receiver. Infrared light reflection/refraction at prism depending from oil level controls the circuit (relay). 
The separate design of the electronic module allows the replacement in case of any malfunction. 
To insure high ambient operating temperature most electronic parts are selected according to the ‘industrial’ standard (enhanced temperature range).

Functional Specification

After a power on delay the sensor relay switches on, if liquid level has been detected. 
If the sensor detects a low oil level, the relay will switch off. In every case of status change (i.e. enough oil / low oil) the sensor will recheck the staus for about 3 seconds before reacting. 
This ‘delay’ prevents the sensor from overacting, i.e. in case of liquid bubles, etc. 
The red LED remains ‘ON’ if the sensor detects enough liquid. The red LED is flashing during low liquid level.


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